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On April 7 at 4:15 pm in Lebus Court 113,  Dr. Patricia Blessing, H. Allen Brooks Traveling Fellow, Society of Architectural Historians (1015-16), presented a lecture entitled “Anatolia and Iberia: Medieval Frontiers in Art Historical Perspective.”  In this talk, Dr. Blessing considered two medieval frontier regions, Iberia and Anatolia, looking at patterns of patronage that do not necessarily reflect political realities and considering to what extent both regions can be viewed within the framework of a medieval Mediterranean, without ignoring their regional and local specificities.  She concentrated on buildings  from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries that were sites of multiple identities, cultures, and religions.  While the buildings themselves occupy center stage in her discussion of Anatolia, the connections between textiles and architecture inform her comments on Iberia.


A video of  this lecture can be found on Youtube.



























A video of this lecture can be found on Youtube.