Dr. Mary Ann Vanderzyl Reynolds (’56) Professorship in the Humanities and Professor of Art History

Lebus Court 212, 909-607-2253
Fall 2015 Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30-4 pm and by appointment

Frances Pohl received her BA (1977) and MA (1980) from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and her PhD (1985) from the University of California, Los Angeles.  She joined the faculty of Pomona College in 1985. Since coming to Pomona she has taught a wide variety of courses on 19th- and 20th-century art, focusing ultimately on a two-part survey on The Social History of North American Art (Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, from colonial times to the present) and seminars on topics such as Art and Activism, Art and Labor, and Women, Art, and Ideology.  She is also active in the college’s American Studies Program and Gender and Womens Studies Program.  Her research has focused on the art of the United States, in particular the work of Ben Shahn, about whom she has written two books.  She has also published work on nineteenth-century American art, on the contemporary Italian artist Mirella Bentivoglio and the contemporary Los Angeles muralist Judith Baca.  Her concern with a combination of art and politics led her to organize, in 1993, an exhibition focusing on the scandal surrounding the Tailhook convention of 1991 (the Tailhook Association is comprised of naval aviators, both active and retired) and to publish two articles on women, violence and the U.S. Navy.  Her curatorial efforts have also included an exhibition on the work of Ben Shahn and Mirella Bentivoglio (2003), on images of work and workers (1995), and a retrospective of the art of Judith Baca (1992) and the art of Mirella Bentivoglio (2015).  In 2002 she published a major textbook titled Framing America, A Social History of American Art (Thames and Hudson) that integrates her continental approach to the study of art in the U.S. The text includes coverage of New France and New Spain as well as New England, and examines the work of U.S. artists who have traveled to Mexico and Canada and Mexican artists who have worked in the U.S. The revised second edition was published in 2008 and the revised third edition in 2012.  She is currently working on the revisions for the fourth edition.