George Gorse in GenoaGeorge L. Gorse received his BA (1971) in Humanities from Johns Hopkins University, his MA (1973) and PhD (1980) in Art History from Brown University.  Gorse wrote his dissertation on the “Villa of Andrea Doria in Renaissance Genoa.”  His teaching and publications are on the history of cities and gardens, palaces and villas; Italian and Northern Renaissance and Baroque painting, sculpture, and architecture.  He has published articles on triumphal entries into sixteenth-century Genoa and the Renaissance urbanism of Galeazzo Alessi.  Gorse also teaches a course on Gendering the Renaissance, which is cross-listed with the Gender and Women’s Studies Program.  His teaching and scholarship involve an historical perspective on the history of art and the history of patronage; the application of anthropology to the study of cities, rituals, processions and pageants, civic and family representations; a conceptual “mapping” of urban and suburban environments: an interdisciplinary approach to the history of art in a liberal arts and humanistic tradition.