The Department of Art History is located in  Lebus Court, which includes the department office and visual resource center, classrooms, and faculty offices.  All of the art history classrooms are outfitted with the latest in digital technology.


Lebus Court is next to Rembrandt Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus and the location of the art history classrooms until the mid-1990s, when studio art took over all of the building.  It was designed by Myron Hunt and built in 1914 (it was enlarged in 1936-37) as the first building not only on campus, but in the whole of the Pomona Valley, to be devoted to art.  It initially contained both studio and gallery space .


Lebus Court, the home of the Art History Department, was also designed by Myron Hunt as part of the Mabel Shaw Bridges Hall of Music, built in 1915. It is a U-shaped courtyard located behind, or at the south end of, the main hall.  In the mid-1990s Lebus Court was renovated to provide additional classrooms and a more spacious department office and Visual Resources Center.