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Amelia Abramson (ARCN-PZ), “Please, Don’t Touch That: Resolving the Tensions between Tourism and Conservation at Pompeii” (First reader: Michelle Berenfeld, Second reader: Frances Pohl)

Erin Hoey (ARCN-SC), “Out of Site, But Not Out of Mind: The Conservation and Display of Ancient Roman Floor Mosaics In Situ and in Museums” (First reader: Michelle Berenfeld, Second reader: Eric Doehne)

Daisy Adams (ARHI-PO), A Flask from the Past: The Didactic Usage of the Tale of Psyche and Cupid in Renaissance Italy” (First reader: George Gorse, Second reader: Corey Tazzara)

Caroline Nelson (ARHI-SC), “By the Hands of a Woman: Gender, Luxury, and International Relations in Andrea Mantegna’s Judith and Holofernes  (First reader: George Gorse, Second reader: Corey Tazzara)

Abigail Rodriguez (ARCN-SC), “Playing with Fire: An Examination of the Context and Conservation of José Clemente Orozco’s Prometheus (First reader: Frances Pohl, Second reader: Eric Doehne)

Jasmine Kusumowidagdo (ARHI-SC), “Adding Up the Arts: The Great Recession and the Public-Private Debate in the Funding of America’s Art and Art Museums” (First reader: Mary MacNaughton, Second reader:  Matthew Magilke [CMC]

Caitlyn Marianacci (ARHI-SC), “Old Masterpieces, New Mistress-pieces: Cindy Sherman’s Reinterpretations of Renaissance Portraits of Women” (First reader: Mary MacNaughton, Second reader: George Gorse)

Imogen Fairbairn (ARHI-PZ), “The Ambulatory Archive: Joseph Cornell in New York City and Francis Alÿs in Mexico City” (First reader: Frances Pohl, Second reader: Kathleen Howe)




Students, Faculty, and Museum, Library and Department Staff Swap Information and Enjoy Pizza at Art History Information Session April 19, 2013

On April 19, 2013 students, staff and faculty came together to talk about the major and to find out about course offerings for the fall and internship opportunities at the Pomona College Museum of Art.  Those interested in finding out more about courses and internships can contact any of the art history faculty or museum staff, who are more than happy to talk with you.

Lunch April 12 2013Lunch April 19 2013 2

Art History and Art Conservation Seniors Present Progress Reports on Senior Theses December 12, 2012

                    From Left: Aliza Hoffman (PZ), Brittnay Ahn (PO), Shardai Zaragoza (PZ), Lauren Quilty (PZ), Andrea Galdamez (PZ), Jess Rosenthal (SC–Art Conservation), Kathleen LaManna (SC), Skye Olson (SC–Art Conservation), Melanie Zarrow (PZ–crouching), Mariel Frechette (SC), and Emma Molloy (PZ) (Missing: Katie Carter (SC) Art Conservation) (With Antinous watching over all)


Art history seniors presented progress reports on their senior theses (the focus of ARHI 190: Senior Seminar with Professor Frances Pohl) on Wednesday, December 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in Lebus Court 113.  Their reports covered a wide range of exciting topics (see below).  The presentations were followed by a lively discussion between faculty, students and friends over dinner.  The students will continue work on their theses with their first and second faculty readers over the spring semester. 


Schedule of Presentations: 1. Lauren Quilty, “To Each His Own, To Me Mine: Interpretations of Correggio’s Camera di San Paolo, Past and Present” (1st Reader: George Gorse; 2nd Reader: Sara Adler)   2. Katie Carter, “The Conservation of Tudor Portraiture: The Removal of Discolored Varnish” (1st Reader: Mary MacNaughton; 2nd Readers: Burke Williams and George Gorse)   3. Jess Rosenthal, “Russia’s ‘Twice-Looted’ Archives: Successful Cases of Restitution” (1st Reader: Bruce Coats; 2nd Reader: Judy Sahak)   4. Melanie Zarrow, “Nathanial Rapoport’s Holocaust Memorials and the Complicated Task of Memory” (1st Reader: Frances Pohl; 2nd Reader: Bill Anthes)   5. Mariél Frechette, “Power and the Construction of Spanish Colonial Bodies” (GWS Reader: Chris Guzaitis; ARHI Reader: Frances Pohl)   6. Shardai Zaragoza, “Painting the Body Red: The Work of May Ling-Su” (1st Reader: Frances Pohl; 2nd Reader: Nancy Macko)   7. Brittnay Ahn (PO), “Images of Mastectomies: The Development of Breast Cancer Treatment from the late 19th Century to the 1950s.”  (1st Reader: Frances Pohl; 2nd Reader: Jennifer Friedlander)   8. Emma Molloy, “International Revolutions: The Foundations of the Situationist International” (1st Reader: George Gorse; 2nd Reader, Dan Hackbarth)   9. Andrea Galdámez, “A Close Examination of the Cannibal Manifesto (Antopófago Manifesto) (1st Reader: Dan Hackbarth; 2nd Reader: Bill Anthes)   10. Aliza Hoffman, “Graffiti: History in New York and Journey to Los Angeles” (1st Reader: Bill Anthes; 2nd Reader: Frances Pohl)   11. Skye Olson, “Shelf Life: Experimental Artists’ Materials, Contemporary Conservation Challenges” (1st Reader: Mary MacNaughton; 2nd Reader: Frances Pohl)   12. Kathleen LaManna, “Antinous, Hellenization, and the Unification of an Empire.” (1st Reader: Michelle Berenfeld; 2nd Reader: George Gorse)

Pomona Art History Alum Ellen Moody in NYTimes

Pomona art history alum Ellen Moody (’06) (on the right)  helps install a sound suit by Nick Cave in the Brooklyn Museum.  For the full story see



“Beginnings and Transtions in California Performance Art: Denise Uyehara and Cheri Gaulke,” November 14, 4:15 pm, Lebus Court 113


On Monday, November 14, 2011 Los Angeles performance artists Denise Uyehara and Cheri Gaulke will engage in a presentation and conversation about their work in Lebus Court 113 on the Pomona College Campus (145 E. Bonita Ave.)  at 4:15 pm.  Uyehara has been using performance to investigate what marks us in our migration across borders of identity for over two decades.  A founding member of the Sacred Naked Nature Girls in L.A., her most recent work explores such issues as the U.S. military occupation in Okinawa and the mistreatment of those perceived as ‘the enemy’ in a post 9/11 world.  Gaulke was part of the Feminist Studio Workshop at the L.A. Woman’s Building in the 1970s.  In addition to her solo work, she cofounded the Feminist Art Workers and Sisters of Survival.  Most recently, she created several public art pieces that tell and commemorate the stories of veterans, youth of color, queer communities, and natural resources like the L.A. river.   

This event is sponsored by Pomona College’s Department of Art and Art History and American Studies Program.  All are welcome.     For more information contact Frances Pohl at 909-607-2253.

Field Trip to “Great Wall of LA” Mural by Judith Baca

Students from Professor Pohl's and Gorse's classes visit the Great Wall of Los Angeles by Judith Baca in North Hollywood.

On March 28, 2010, students from Professor Pohl's 20-21st-century North American art history class and introduction to American Studies class, and Professor Gorse's introduction to art history class, visited "The Great Wall of Los Angeles" mural by Judith Baca in North Hollywood before heading over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to view the exhibition "American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765-1915."

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